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edgerouter chromecast vlan Ik heb 3 vlans aangemaakt op mijn edgerouter x sfp. Gigabit router with advanced network management and security functionality. I knew that the EdgeRouter Lite was extremely powerful and could do all kinds of wacky things with a VLAN; the question was just how could I do it. The EdgeRouter 4 offers Gigabit Ethernet ports and an SFP port for a fiber link. Rating: (2 Ratings) . Anyway, I've created a couple of Vlans: The VLAN 10 connects to the Internet via the ISP, and the VLAN 20 connects via the VPN. Plug it back in and allow Chromecast to reboot. In using the app, there will be a couple of seconds of latency (usually between 2 and 4). In the VLAN ID field, type the ID of the VLAN you wish to create and click Add. level 2. 3) multiple times. EdgeRouter X and IPv6 Support. Follow the steps below to create a virtual interface with a VLAN ID of 10 and address 10. Edgerouter, Zyxel USG Series, Mikrotik, all good options. And it does have impressive IPv6 support. . This will get your phone discovering your Roku. org's article Setup guest and IOT VLAN with UniFi and a EdgeRouter. 4 GHz WiFi band, not 5 GHz. Navigate to https://192. The Edgerouters mdns repeater needs to be enabled on the interface with the Chromecast and also the interfaces with the devices talking to the Chromecast. Chromecast over wireless shows "Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch" issues in the event log (security appliance), and shows: source_client_ip: 192. Once your Chromecast is powered back on, try Netflix again. 1/24. The EdgeRouter X combines carrier‑class reliability with excellent price‑to‑performance value in an ultra‑compact form factor. The USG series is dead simple to setup IMO, easiest of the three. If that's your case, you'll never be able to cast because they are not on the same network (PC - Phone/Chromecast), even though connected to the same physical box. The Hook Up's video on setting up IoT VLAN rules with UniFi equipment. 102 set service mdns repeater eth2. But what about devices that I can't manually configure, like a Chromecast or my mother-in-law's laptop? Is there an interface (or cli) somewhere that I can assign devices to each LAN/VLAN based on MAC address, kind of like assigning static DHCP addresses? Maybe an EdgeRouter isn't the right VLAN solution for me. For example if my server is on VLAN 1 and my wireless clients are on VLAN 2, I will run: sudo vconfig add eth0 2. Address: Manually define IP address > 10. vlan 2 name "VLAN-2" untagged 1-12 ip address 192. ‎Application to mirror the screen and audio of your iPhone or iPad to a Chromecast 1, 2, 3, Ultra, Android TV or Google TV. 0/24 Eth3 has VLAN 5 and address range of 192. 10. 1 set the RT68U's IP address as something other than that, outside the DHCP range of the edgerouter. Set IP Address of your computer to 192. FS#3996 - edgerouter-x DSA switch does not forward bridge-in-bridge packets correctly. If a vlan-aware bridge is configured for the build-in ethernet ports, and a vlan-interface on that bridge is then put into a different bridge (to include wifi radios for example), then frames between tagged and untagged ethernet ports of the edgerouter x are . I like to use easily distinguishable addresses for each LAN/VLAN, then it’s quick and easy to confirm where a device is connected. 2. This has been tested with version 2. It needs two interfaces, i added switch0. Eth1 has VLAN 10 and address range of 192. mDNS is enabled in the Config Tree in the Edgerouter. Different profiles can be created for each VLAN with different allowed and/or . Accessed via a network port and web browser, the user-friendly interface provides intuitive management with a virtual view of the ports, displaying physical connectivity, speed, and status. 20 - Meuk 192. This article is going to try and provide a step-by-step how to configure your Ubiquiti USG series router/firewall + switch + AP to have a VLAN/SSID for “normal” mode and another VLAN/SSID for accessing the internet . 0 exit vlan 3 name "VLAN-3" untagged 13-24 ip address 192. A passive PoE passthrough option . 2 Create the VLANs: Open a web browser. 3. I hope this may help you. 0/24 switch0. Check your Chromecast's Wi-Fi network. After all, it only costs $60 USD on Amazon. Yes, clients from VLAN 1 could ping 192. The Edgerouter will work as a router for each VLAN and serve IP addresses to connected clients. This is done by grouping the Ethernet ports under the switch0 interface and adding the VLAN values to the switch-ports. The Pi sits on a "server" network (untagged) and VLAN 10,15, and 20 are the ones I need for be reflected. 1 255. The above configuration can also be set using the CLI: CLI: Access the Command Line Interface. Have you looked at Config Tree > Service > mdns > repeater. Enable: Multicast and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Disable: AP/client isolation, virtual private networks (VPNs), proxy servers, IGMP Proxy. VLAN ID: 10. What does tcpdump say? The Linux box on VLAN 16 was getting ping packets, but not replying to them. Given your edgerouter LAN port is 192. I removing the “Chromecast” static IP mapping in the GUI of the EdgeRouter. So, here is my EdgeRouter config, edited a little for security reasons. 107. Note the chromecast is staic on VLAN 10. Roku multicasts on 1900/UDP. 0. 107 Clients use mDns (a dynamic decentralized dns mechanism) to find the Cromecast. don’t scare me. Setting up EdgeRouter X for Telia TV. 0 exit Since both VLANs will only be passing Chromecast service traffic, they were both configured under one profile. The router I've chosen to use for this post is the small and mighty Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X , a five port router that's plenty capable of handling a medium-to-large home network without . Now we have to enable DHCP on that sub-interface by running sudo dhclient eth0. This is a VERY lengthy video so I've included timestamps to the various sections below. Are there firewall rules on the EdgeRouter that might be preventing VLAN-to-VLAN traffic? 1) VLAN 1 can have a bi-directional communications between VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 2) VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 cannot talk to each other. I have setup an Edgerouter as well and it works. alle vlans's zijn aangemaakt op interface switch0 switch0. 1. Now any new device on VLAN 107 will be able to join the isolated network. Run the Basic setup wizard (set eth0 as WAN) 2. X (where X is 2 to 254), Is it possible to configure vlans between edge router x and TL-SG108E ? If your edge router supports 802. DHCP and Vlan 10 were the only options needed. Here’s what you need to Set Up Chromecast: If you're using Chromecast 1st gen, use the required 2. Edgerouter Vlans. 4 but should also work on earlier versions. Assuming client is in the Device VLAN and control is in the secure VLAN, and secure VLAN is able to communicate with device VLAN by default, the following firewall rules should be added to the Device VLAN for direction in (assuming an address group chromecast_address is created with all . a Chromecast to my course) servers supplied Chromecast, you need to DNS VPN IDS IPS Netflix to . 1, which is the EdgeRouter IP on VLAN 16. Go to Switching - VLAN - Advanced - VLAN Configuration. I'm using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite and only have igmp-proxy, mdns, and bcast-relay script to broadcast udp packages to other vlans, many users says that other services like chromecast (that uses 1900 udp port) are available for other vlans using these tools in router (igmp-proxy, mdns, bcast-relay), but in my case I can't have any success. g. For my example: sudo dhclient eth0. The setup includes some VLANs going through one WAN and others going through the second WAN. Cheers! Short description: I use glass fiber from my ISP “Telfort” which uses VLAN 34 on eth1. I had a VLAN for regular, non-guest WLAN, but as noted above having it separate from the LAN screws with . I have my Unifis setup on 2 VLANs like you say, works great. The following assumes that your PPPoE interface is running on eth0, tagged with VLAN ID 100, and that your . 254 you could set the ASUS manually to anything not already in use between 192. 30 - Guest 192. Cron Blog's article Edgerouter and Chromecast. EdgeRouter X has 5 ports, I know this can be achievable by creating 3 subnets and each subnet can be assigned to one of the physical interface then finally use firewall rules to control traffic flow but I want to . Create a new VLAN on switch0 with ID 107, description IoT, and address 10. « on: November 03, 2013, 01:41:59 am » For some reason Netxms seems to have decided to pickup the ETH 0. 1Q VLAN trunk ports, it is possible. Confirm Internet access and then we need to make the following changes in the EdgeRouter. Type the admin password of the switch and click Login. Configure the internal switch and assign the ports on the router for internet, internal network or iptv; Configure default firewall rules, allow NAT, configure offloading, etc. MultiCast between VLANS (Chromecast vlan1) to/from (PC/Mobile vlan2) Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:30 am. We can run sudo vconfig add eth0 <vlan> and it will create a sub-interface of eth0 on that VLAN. That means that a repeater has to be created on the eth2. I presently have VLANs for LAN, guest WLAN, and admin (e. Disable SIP ALG But what about devices that I can't manually configure, like a Chromecast or my mother-in-law's laptop? Is there an interface (or cli) somewhere that I can assign devices to each LAN/VLAN based on MAC address, kind of like assigning static DHCP addresses? Maybe an EdgeRouter isn't the right VLAN solution for me. sudo service dhcpd start Starting DHCP server daemon… The DHCP service is started. Disable the wireless connection on both PCs. On the main dashboard there is a “Add interface” button. The following steps associate a VLAN to a physical interface, which in turn will be connected to the switch. Also, the Apple TV and the Airport Express reside here. In this video, I go over how to configure VLANs with an Edgerouter. port 5). Say the edgerouter is 192. Delete the IP-address from eth0. A VLAN is an isolated broadcast domain . Lastly, connect the network cable from the modem to the eth0 port on the EdgeRouter. View solution in original post. . The EdgeRouter X is the bottom of the product line for Ubiquity. The EdgeRouter Lite provides a graphical user interface designed for convenient setup and control. Unforunately I couldn't get a vodafone sip line working behind it, but it wasn't too hard to get . VLAN ID can be 2-4094 (I believe “1” is the main LAN). You can do this using the CLI button in the GUI or by using a program such as PuTTY. But the catch is that one must use the CLI to configure IPv6. I’ve been dabbling with Linux networking for almost 20 years, so firewall, DNS, DHCP, etc. The Google Wifi is a phenomenal value – it provides more units for less cash than any of its rivals, like the Netgear Orbi, with other wireless mesh routers coming in at $400 (about £320, AU . Dashboard > Add Interface > Add VLAN. Unplug the power source from your Chromecast for 15 seconds. I might move the Apple TV and Airport Express to another VLAN in . port 2). I got my Edgerouter PoE running on vodafone yesterday. This is where I knew I was . Putting it all together Having invested the time in research, I’d watched a number of videos/tutorials from Chris and Willie. 50-192. From the Edgerouter CLI, login and enter: set service mdns repeater eth1. However, currently my main home network i still connected via the synology router wifi. Interface: switch0. Set up your VLAN on the EdgeRouter . UDP traffic from any port to control on port 32768-6100. You can mirror any app on your iPhone or iPad to your Chromecast. In the DHCP scope for the WIFI VLAN there was a static IP mapping called “Chromecast”. Google Home to play nicely with the Chromecast and introduce a home automation assistant to the house though my existing Hue lights. 1/24 on the eth1 interface: GUI: Access the EdgeRouter Web UI . In the edgerouter i can set up Mdns-Repeater to find devices such as chromecast etc across subnets. Use this to create the needed VLAN. 4 (Vlan4) interface on my UBNT edgerouter lite (EdgeOS 1. For this setup, the two WAN connections are the ISP and a . 102 interface in addition to the Secure VLAN and IoT VLAN (Chromecast Ultra). 49 Page 6 10/7/2017of 96 7. Op · 2y. Chromecast using VLAN Select and AAA Override. Connect a PC to a port on the switch in VLAN 3 (e. Make sure your router is within 10-15 feet of your Chromecast. Techdata: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (ER-X) Usage ~~hideseceditbutton~~ * IMPORTANT : Edit this page only via the LEFT edit button below the dataentry box * After editing, please enter a short summary of your edit: * Which field has been changed? (e. Enter 10 for VLAN ID. Initial EdgeRouter Hardware Setup Configure the setup computers Ethernet jack as having a fixed IP address of 192. I have another router, we'll call it router-core, which is serving an internal network on VLAN 100 on my local network. 10 (guest) but could not see chromecast devices on the guest network. I even gave them access to the Avahi RPi server. I ran some AC lites off it, Yep working great. 15 and 20 are guest and kid networks. Installing a VPN client on your laptop is pretty easy, but might be harder on your Chromecast or other streaming device. 34 (eth1 vif 34, using dhcp from the ISP, even though they always give me the same IP). xdeb. 255. Refer to the desired setup diagram at the top of this article if needed. VLAN 50 is where all of the servers live. The Dashboard displays detailed statistics: IP . Chromecast over VPN pfsense - All the users need to accept - Mud Puddle began answering encryption rqjx - Lucia — I ability to be a routes Chromecast across VLANs Chromecast or a sufficiently and Internet Group Management 10 at IP 192. The ER-X, can be powered by an external power adapter or 24V passive PoE input. 1 (main) and switch0. Add a DHCP server with name IoT, subnet 10. Below here is a copy of my configuration with a few details like port mappings, IP assignments and passwords cleared. Infamousslayer. I have created the firewall rules necessary to give those vlans access to the chrome cast. Make sure you get the latest firmware for the EdgeRouter X. 4. In this instance, I’ll be going over setting up the EdgeRouter Lite on a network with multiple VLANs and also with dual WAN, but not for load balancing. So this mirroring is… A VLAN requires a bit more setup and know-how than blocking access to your Chromecast via managing your wifi, but it might be a great solution, depending on your home’s network configuration . Ubiquiti’s EdgeRouter X is integrated with the EdgeOS which delivers an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface. configure set interfaces switch switch0 vif . 0/24 Ik heb de firewall zo ingesteld dat vlans 20 en 30 niet bij vlan 10 kunnen en geen local access naar mijn router hebben maar wel op internet . In the DNS server listen interfaces list, add switch0. These concepts can be applied on a variety of SOHO routers (check yor router for VLAN tagging support and firewall capabilities between different networks). The Edgerouter VLAN setup is fairly straightforward and we need to create VLAN interfaces for all the VLANs. 168. The below configuration commands can be used to configure IPv6 DCHP-PD on a Ubiquiti Edgerouter running EdgeOS that has an existing IPv4 PPPoE configuration. This video provided an insite into configuring settings on the UAP-AC-PRO. It has 2 networks by default. So, I've probably made my home network unecessarily complicated, but I've done it so I might later use access-lists to control what homepages/adresses my streaming devices could access. It’s a one-stop-shop for users to configure and monitor different basic and advanced router features. 1 and it's DHCP server range is 192. If a large subnet is created for all wireless clients, the multicast messages quickly consume up valuable airtime across the network. Ubiquiti introduces the EdgeRouter™ X, part of the EdgeMAX® platform. 16. My hope was that i could somehow have the synology router pick up on the mMns broadcast, making the devices discoverable behind the edgerouter networks as . EdgeRouters combine carrier-class reliability with enterprise-level features in a compact and affordable unit. 4 million packets per second A VLAN is short for Virtual LAN. Hi all. Create three VLANs on switch0: 1 (Internet), 2 (Local) and 4 (IPTV) 3. This sets the basics up for you. 100 set service mdns repeater eth2. And I believe you would put the interface of the guest VLAN in this field and click +Add. 2 and 192. Firewall/NAT > Firewall Policies > + Add Ruleset. 1. 30. <vlan>. In the SSH session tried to start the DHCP service by using the following command. ༺ 0100 1101 0010 10ཏ1 0010 0110 1010 1110 ༻ The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (ERX) has a switching chip on board so that it can be used as an L3 switch instead of as a router. Chromecast multicasts on 5353/UDP. The web interface is nearly totally devoid of IPv6 configuration and operational status. 20. Are there firewall rules on the EdgeRouter that might be preventing VLAN-to-VLAN traffic? VLAN ID can be 2-4094 (I believe “1” is the main LAN). The configuration of the EdgeRouter X SFP. The most secure setup would be to put the Roku, Sonos and Chromecast devices in their own VLANs, configured to allow the devices/fish to see other, and assign a single SSID to each of those VLANs. Chromecast using VLAN Select and AAA Override The limitation of using Chromecast on a single VLAN is difficulty to scale for large campus networks such as a university or an enterprise. Edgerouter VLAN setup. 0/24 Eth4 will have both VLAN 5 and 10 (under separate SSID on AP) Currently I am just playing with Eth1 and Eth3 getting connectivity (as I don't want to break my existing network) with another PC plugged into Eth2 for config. This will load the web interface of the EdgeRouter X. It also has an integrated Command-Line Interface in the browser, enabling access to all the advanced capabilities of . If you don't have the Google Home app, download it from the App Store. EdgeRouter Lite: Multiple VLAN and WAN. In the address bar of the web browser, type the IP address of the switch and press Enter. This is useful for enabling DNS forwarding for VLANs. Do the following through GUI: 1. Then, when a mobile device needs to communicate with the Roku, for example, it logs into the dedicated Roku SSID. Here we add VLAN 10. 128. The EdgeRouter 4 is capable of routing up to 3. eth0 and eth1 for one LAN, and eth2, eth3, eth4 for another network. 10 - LAN 192. The limitation of using Chromecast on a single VLAN is difficulty to scale for large campus networks such as a university or an enterprise. From your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Google Home app. If that doesn't mean anything to you, we can just call it an isolated segment or isolated part of a network, where devices on that segment can not "see" devices on other segments. VLAN 40 is for DMZ as I plan to have SSH access to my home network at some point in the future. Ubiquiti Enter the details for VLAN 3 as shown below and click Apply: The LAN Setup page should now look similar to the below with the default VLAN 1, VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 configured: Testing: Connect a PC to a port on the switch in VLAN 2 (e. Assuming your router has this functionality, enable mDNS reflection on your Roku VLAN and your phone VLAN, and open port 1900/UDP (and 5353/UDP if you use Chromecast devices). 12, source_client_mac: [xx], source_client_assigned_vlan: 1; Whereas, Chromecast over wired shows it either on VLAN 0 or untagged; Other devices seem to be on VLAN 1 It seems some routers puts any hard wired connection (ethernet) onto a different VLAN (virtual lan) than other connections like wireless (that's the different IPs being mentioned). 0/24, a sensible range, and router and DNS server 10. , router interface, NAS IPMI). A VLAN is a virtual LAN designed to separate traffic without physically separating it. Once logged in, it is useful to start with one of the Wizards. EdgeRouter™ 4, the next generation of router for the EdgeMAX®platform. edgerouter chromecast vlan

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